This weekend: Blue Island Non-Motorized Plan workshop and more

 First, let's take stock of what's going on with Blue Island:

Public meeting on improving Logan Blue Line station and plaza

Active Trans has been working with Bike Walk 35—Logan Square's (35th Ward) committee of residents working with Ald.

Midlothian gears up for active transportation

Last week, 12 Midlothian community members gathered at their village hall to serve as Midlothian’s steering committee for the village's active transportation plan.

Help give Warrenville Road a makeover

Do you use Warrenville Road in DuPage County? Do you wish it was easier to walk and ride on?

Urban planning for club med

 They pioneered individual marketing of cycling on a national scale, and while they insist on misspelling organization ("organisation") a

Tune in to Active Trans work on the Calumet-Sag Trail, Palos Heights Non-Motorized Plan

Palos Heights' local cable access channel, Channel 4, put Palos Heights Parks & Rec director Mike Leonard and me on Sue Jankowski's show.