North Suburbs

Wheeling adopts plan for improving walking, biking and access to transit


Congratulations to the Village of Wheeling for adopting an active transportation plan!

Happy commuters in Northern Suburbs

Last week, Bike to Work Week swept through the Northern Suburbs. It was perfect weather for celebrating all the active folks commuting by bikes and taking transit.

Walking school bus in Mount Prospect District 57

Students from Mount Prospect's Fairview and Lions Park elementary school have been taking the

The gap in the Skokie Valley Trail

A project to close a 6.8 mile-gap in the Skokie Valley Trail in Cook County is in serious jeopardy.

Woodstock students featured for their transportation work

After months of hard work, students from Woodstock High School and McHenry West High School are presenting their final projects to the McHenry County Transportation Committee.

Students promote Complete Streets in McHenry County

A few months ago on this blog I shared information about an innovative program that engages h

Transit challenges in McHenry County

As Active Transportation Alliance employees, we always attempt to walk, bike or take transit when visiting clients or attending meetings away from the office.

Stop sprawl, free Smart Growth help for local governments!

Free help is available from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency encouraging governments to implement smart growth practices.