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Support better biking, walking and transit 


Only 11 percent of Chicagloand residents ride transit to work.

Turn on the lights

  • When the sun sets, use front and rear lights.
  • Use a red flashing light in the rear and white light in front. Don’t skip the front light: It will make you more visible to oncoming traffic.

Carry loads on the bike

  • Rear bike racks allow you to carry loads on the bike rather than on you, keeping you cooler and more stable.
  • Attach a simple milk crate to the rack to use as a basket or upgrade to
    a set of panniers (saddle bags).

Stay clean

  • Fenders on the bike reduce the amount of dirt and water thrown up by your tires onto your clothing.
  • A chain guard protects your pants from damage and grease from
    the chain.

Want to learn more? Feel free to print out our Everyday Biking Guide.