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Support better biking, walking and transit 


In Chicago, an average of 60 people are injured or killed every day in traffic crashes; 12 of those people are biking or walking. 


Most everyone would like to bicycle more because it’s a fun, healthy way to get around. But for many of us, biking in traffic on a typical street or bike lane is scary. We know from experiences outside of the Chicago region that communities can create bikeways that provide comfortable, low-stress spaces to bike for people of all ages.

The goal of the Family Friendly Bikeways campaign is to bring the benefits of low-stress bikeways to Chicago’s suburban communities.



Encouraging more people to take trips by bicycle can improve health, reduce air pollution, cut carbon emissions and help households and governments save money. Despite this knowledge, many people who would like to use a bike to get around just don’t feel safe and comfortable enough to do so.  

Suburban areas face many barriers to building low-stress bikeways. Lack of available resources, disconnected street networks and confusing layers of government control over roads are just a few of the hurdles communities need to overcome in order to build the next generation bike infrastructure needed to make bicycling an attractive transportation option.



Low-stress bike networks, which we call Family Friendly Bikeways, have the power to encourage more people to use bikes as transportation in their suburban community. Family Friendly Bikeways include a wide range of different infrastructure options including:

  • Trails that serve trips to school, work and other destinations, as well as recreation.
  • On-street protected bike lanes that use parked cars, posts, curbs, planter boxes, etc., to separate bikes and cars.
  • "Bike Boulevards" on quiet residential streets that use a variety of designs to limit motor vehicle through traffic and travel speeds and enhance safety at intersections.

For all of the above, you can safely get through intersections and across busy streets, while easily navigating to key destinations.



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  • Get informed: Download the Family Friendly Bikeways flier to learn more about the vision of this campaign. Use it to start a conversation in your community!
  • Get active: Contact your mayor or village manager and tell them you support a network of Family Friendly Bikeways in your community.



Family Friendly Bikeways Flyer



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