The newsletter of the Active Transportation Alliance

Vol. 2, Issue 8 - September 2009


Rally inspires, celebrates the car-free life

By Gin Kilgore

On Sept. 22, a merry band of cyclists gathered to spread car-free cheer to downtown commuters. Our bikes had signs with messages such as, “Grow Your Life/Ditch Your Car” and “More Public Spaces, Less Parking Spaces.”

We distributed flyers at major transit hubs, bus stops and the bike station, thanking people for not driving and asking them to imagine a Chicago with a million fewer cars. We made sure to yield to buses and pedestrians, ringing our bells and eliciting smiles with cries of “You’re beautiful. Thanks for using your legs!”

We also visited highway ramps to invite drivers to join us next time. The ride ended at the annual Bike Winter Kick-Off Meeting, where we brainstormed more ways to keep Chicagoans in the saddle—and out of the car seat—year round.

The self-propelled rally was organized by Break the Gridlock, which supports grassroots efforts to fight car-dependency and promote appropriate transportation choices.

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