News about the Dick Herron Memorial Bike & Walk

We apologize for the late notice, but due to organizational changes and unforeseen circumstances, Active Trans and Jane Herron will not be hosting the Dick Herron Memorial Bike & Walk in 2010. We will all miss this event. Please keep an eye out for our 2011 plans, which we hope to announce early next year. Thank you for your continued support of the Dick Herron Memorial Bike & Walk.


Fifth annual Herron Memorial Ride and Walk success!

Thanks to everyone who came out to build community and the future

Each year, friends and families gather to remember loved ones who died in traffic while biking or walking.

All donations are made to the Dick  Herron Memorial Fund, which funds scholarships for Chicago high school graduates.

Nearly 200 bicyclists and pedestrians are needlessly killed each year in Chicago, and the fifth annual Herron Memorial Bike and Walk is a time to come together and transform grief into a positive future.

Celebrate the victims’ lives and transform our future into a brighter one. Donations can be made to the Dick Herron Memorial Fund by calling or e-mailing Jessica Ryou, director of development, at (312) 427-3325, ext. 237.

You can still donate!

About Dick Herron
Dick Herron was a father and husband who lived in Chicago and loved riding his bike. He was tragically killed in 2004 in Independence Grove while on a ride with a few other cyclists. After his death, his family - led by his wife, Jane - approached Active Trans to help produce an event that would honor his memory and give others a chance to find community in their grief.

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dick herron

thank you for the personal invitation to participate in this years memorial bike/walk in memory of our friend dick herron.
unfortunately, i will be unable to attend as i will be running the bucktown 5k run that morning.
however, thoughts of you will be in my mind.... may his spirit live on forever.


erik paul leff

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