Active Trans Staff

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Executive Staff

Ron Burke
Executive Director
Ext. 228

Melody Geraci
Deputy Executive Director
Ext. 240


Ethan Spotts
Deputy Executive Director for Events and Marketing
Ext. 287

Paul Halupka
Graphic Designer
Ext. 286

Dave Jones
Volunteer Coordinator
Ext. 234

Christine Schwartzkopff
Director of Events
Ext. 223

Brian Morrissey
Events Registration Manager
Ext. 225

Lauren Hugel
Bike to Work Week Coordinator
Ext. 296

Membership & Development

Annette Stahelin
Director of Membership and Development
Ext. 270

Kevin Dekkinga
Membership and Operations Manager
Ext. 239 

Rebecca Resman
Development Officer
Ext. 294

Marketing & Communications

Ted Villaire
Director of Communications
Ext. 288

Marc Blettry
Technology Manager
Ext. 235

Katie Leisner
Sponsorship Manager
Ext. 241

Sirita Render
Graphic Designer
Ext. 300


Eric Bjorlin
School Programs Manager
Ext. 289

Jason Jenkins
Education Specialist
Ext. 238

Planning & Consulting Services

Amanda Woodall
Director of Policy and Planning
Ext. 297

Marissa Dolin
Senior Planner
Ext. 292
Heather Schady
Policy and Planning Manager
Ext. 222
Angel Montalvo
Ambassador Coordinator

Eric Hanss  
Pedestrian Program Project Manager

Charlie Short
CDOT Bicycle Safety & Education Program Manager

Carlin Thomas
Special Projects Coordinator

Lauren Crabtree
Safe Routes Ambassador Coordinator

Advocacy & Policy

Jim Merrell
Campaign Director
Ext. 236

Kyle Whitehead 
Campaign Director
Ext. 392

Community Outreach

Genaro Escarzaga
Safe Routes to School Coordinator
Ext. 384

Nancy Wagner
Suburban Outreach Manager
Ext. 383

Maggie Melin
Go Bronzeville Project Coordinator
Ext. 285

Cynthia Bell
Community Liaison
Ext. 244

Leslie Phemister
Suburban Outreach Manager
Ext. 237



Cathy O'Reilly
Finance Director
Ext. 293

Nestor Rodriguez
Staff Accountant
Ext. 230

Michael Mundo
Accounting & HR Associate
Ext. 232


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