Does your company have what it takes?

Get your company healthy and go green! Compete with other businesses to get the most employees biking to work during Bike Commuter Challenge, June 11-17. Get your friends to sign up, too!

Bike Commuter Challenge: How it works

1. Get a team leader

One person volunteers as a team leader. Being a team leader is as easy as registering the organization or department as a team and keeping track of who biked to work. If people on your team biked even part of the way to work at least once, they are counted as a participant. We will give you all the information you need about bike commuting. Register online today.

Teams compete for the highest percentage of employees who biked to work in their category and division.


  • Public agency
  • Business/non-profit
  • Bicycle related business
  • K-12 school
  • College/university


  • 5-24 employees
  • 25-99 employees
  • 100-499 employees
  • 500+ employees

2. Bike!

Employees can bike all or part of their commutes at least once during the Bike Commuter Challenge, June 11-17.

Check out our resources for bike commuters that will help make biking easy, safe, convenient and fun for the entire team.

You can also get help from a representative of Active Trans, who will go to your organization and provide your team with a short presentation about bike commuting. Email to schedule your bike commuting presentation.

3. Submit your team’s results

The team leader submits results online. Winners are determined by the percentage of team members who biked to work during the Bike Commuter Challenge at least once. Participation is scored when someone bikes part or all of the way to work. Even if your officemates bike to the closest train stop, that counts as participation.

4. Relish the fruits of victory

In addition to the prestige of being one of the greenest and healthiest companies in Chicagoland, the winners of each category receive prizes from Bike Commuter Challenge sponsors.

All participants receive bike maps, bike shop discount cards and bike to work guides, and are entered into raffles for sponsor-donated prizes.

Team leaders will be honored at the sixth Annual Awards Luncheon in July in downtown Chicago, and will receive a special tech-fabric T-shirt.

Congratulations to the 2010 teams!

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