How to get more cyclists on the road? Find out what women want.

An interesting article in the October Scientific American argues "to boost urban bicycling, figure out what women want."

"...Studies across disciplines as disparate as criminology and child ­rearing have shown that women are more averse to risk than men. In the cycling arena, that risk aversion translates into increased demand for safe bike infrastructure as a prerequisite for riding. Women also do most of the child care and household shopping, which means these bike routes need to be organized around practical urban destinations to make a difference."

Distracted Driving Summit

Today, U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood kicked off the first ever national Distracted Driving Summit. In his presentation, Secretary LaHood released a report documenting nearly 6,000 deaths and more than 515,000 injuries each year caused by distracted driving.

President Obama is supporting efforts to ban text messaging by drivers while operating motor vehicles. Illinois last year enacted its own ban on text messaging. The sponsor of that bill, State Rep. John D'Amico, will be presenting at the Distracted Driving Summit tomorow.

You can follow the proceedings ot the Distracted Driving Summit on Twitter at



Lakefront Trail - construction/detour near Navy Pier

Attention Lakefront Trail users: there is construction going on near Navy Pier.

The word we got from the Park District is that CDOT is doing some repairs on the bridge.

"They will have a detour up tomorrow that bicyclists and pedestrians can use. They will be closing the east car lane to vehicular traffic, securing boards to the bridge for a smooth ped/bike lane."

We will keep you posted if we hear anything else. Travel safely!


Active Trans closing our office until Oct. 5

The Active Trans office will be closed until Oct. 5. Some staff will still be in the office so feel free to call and leave a message. 

See you in October.

Chicagoland cyclocross racing featured in the Red Eye

Today's issue of the Chicago Tribune's Red Eye features a cover story on cyclocross racing in Chicagoland. The article has some great photographs from last weekend's race in Jackson Park. Read it here!

Jackson Park a huge success - largest race in Chicago Cyclocross Cup History

Put it in the books: over 400 racers, a record for the Chicago Cyclocross Cup

The 2009 season was kicked off in pure Euro-style by XXX Racing - AthletiCo in Jackson Park on Sunday.  The team provided pan- and funnelcakes, bratwurst, and Italian sausage for all, and through the course of the day, raucous racers and fans lined the tape to heckle and cheer, bang on cowbells, and enjoy some frosty, cold (root) beers. 

The challenging and fun course was designed by XXX-er and category 2 cyclocrosser Greg Heck and received rave reviews by all who raced.  Below are links to several photo collections documenting the day's events, as well as great video.

Nikki Cyp

Luke Seemann

Gavin Gould

Mike Campbell

Be sure to check the events calendar or the main racing page for upcoming races.

Sauganash Trail Ride

Join Alderman Margaret Laurino and Mayor Daley's Bicycling Ambassadors on October 4 for a 3-mile ride along the Sauganash Trail and through the historic Sauganash neighborhood.  The ride begins at 10 a.m. at the southern entrance to the trail (Bryn Mawr Ave. and Kostner Ave).

Key stops along the way include:  Queen of All Saints Basilica, Treaty of Elm, War Memorial, Sauganash Park.

For questions visit


Sauganash_Ride_Guide.pdf1018.17 KB

Dress Up Your Wednesday

Tomorrow I'll be bicycling to work in my suit and tie.  I invite readers to join me in wearing their finery and dress up their Wednesday ride.  When you see someone else dressed up, give a wave or ring your bell.  I offer the attached photo for inspiration.

Patagonia Store matches your dollars

Active Trans has a new fan with some deep pockets, Patagonia, Inc. Members of the community (that’s you) are invited to stop by the Patagonia Store, 1800 N. Clybourn Avenue, to voice their support for one of three local environmental charity. While the competition is collegial, your vote means the difference between first prize $2,500 and third prize $1,000. Get yourself down to Patagonia before October 24, and helps us make sure our 2010 Active Trans campaigns get off to the best start.

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