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Have you checked out our newly updated legislative page? Here you can learn about current efforts to make crossings safer for pedestrians, increase funding for Safe Routes to School and protect red light cameras. 

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Lakefront Trail Conditions March 1

The Oak Street Bend to Ohio Street section of the Lakefront Trail has seen some attention recently. A plow has been run through this section and although it has not scraped the snow and ice completely away, it won't take much warm weather to have bare pavement in this section of the Trail. I was able to ride this section of the Trail this Monday morning with a front cross tire and a rear road tire on my cross bike but I did have to ride over some snow and ice.

The section of the paved Trail just south of Fullerton has also been plowed and is now rideable. The south-bound lane has bare pavement while sections of the north-bound side still has some snow and ice.

Hear that screeching noise?

That's the sound of the entire federal transportation program coming to a complete standstill, thanks to the political posturing of one lame-duck senator. Please note this post does not represent any endorsement of one particular party over another.

Yes, last Thursday Sen. Jim Bunning (R-KY) decided to hold up not only the Highway Trust Fund extension (the transportation bill that funds nearly all federal roadway projects - it expired in 2009, but Congress hasn't gotten around to reauthorizing it yet), but federal unemployment benefits, too. In the middle of a recession. Seriously.

The fallout, according to the U.S. DOT:

  • 2,000 DOT employees furloughed;
  • all transportation projects on federal lands halted, due to the recall of federal inspectors;
  • federal drunk driving programs suspended;
  • stoppage of hundreds of millions in reimbursements to states for transportation projects;
  • COBRA and unemployment insurance benefits suspended for 400,000 people

Satisfaction from political payback to a party that wouldn't back your re-election bid: temporary and fleeting.

Cost to the country for holding hostage much needed aide and employment during a financial crisis: priceless.


Your Input Needed – Take Our Survey for a Chance at a $100 Prize!

If you’re reading this, then we want your feedback! Active Trans is doing a survey to learn how to better serve our community of bikers, pedestrians and transit riders. This is our primary way to keep our fingers on the pulse of our movement, so we hope you can find 10-15 minutes to click through our questions for us. Plus, not only is your input a great way to strengthen our work, but you’ll also be entered in a raffle for a chance to win a $100 REI gift certificate! Be sure to fill it out soon for your chance to win – the survey closes March 21.

Take the 2010 Active Trans Survey

Candidates Sought for Active Transportation Alliance Volunteer Ambassador Corps

The Active Transportation Alliance is looking for individuals to serve as members of our new Volunteer Ambassadors Corps. We are currently seeking individuals from the North, West and South suburban communities as well as within the city of Chicago. This is an exciting opportunities to participate in our work at a whole new level and is exclusively available to Active Trans. Members. Volunteer will be trained to assist our education and membership efforts through three main activities:

1. Conducting “Learn to Ride” events within your community, during which Volunteer Ambassadors will use a simple and proven method to teach children shed their training wheels (or better yet forego them altogether) and master riding two wheels. That’s right, you will literally be teaching children how to ride a bike!!
2. Serving as support staff for “bicycle rodeos”, or bicycle skills courses wherein children ages 7-10 will have the opportunity to practice important bike riding skills such as proper helmet use, signaling, and basic bike handling skills.
3. Tabling at your community events to better inform your neighbors about how to safely engage in active transportation and to provide information about us, our work and how they can become a member.

Volunteer Ambassadors will be required to attend a daylong training session in May to be held either May 8 or the 16. Volunteer Ambassadors will be expected to work with other ambassadors and members of your surrounding communities to host and conduct at least one “Learn to Ride” event within in your region (North, West, South or City) per month during the summer months with which we will provide assistance in organization and publicity. All volunteer Ambassadors must be Active Transportation Alliance members. If interested please send your questions to our Education Specialist Jason Jenkins at

Riverwoods votes 'yes' to explore new bike path

The Village of Riverwoods approved a Phase 1 Engineering Study of a new bike path along Deerfield Road in southern Lake County. The east-west path would exist on the southern portion of Deerfield Road between Thornmeadow Road and Saunders Road, connecting to Buffalo Grove and the Des Plaines River Trail on the west, and to bikeways along Deerfield Road to the east. Congratulations to the residents who led and supported the effort to get this project underway and the Riverwoods Board! To view a conceptual rendering of the proposed path, go here.

For all the young aspiring transportation planners and engineers

Yes, there's a website for you too: "Go! is a free, online magazine for teens and young adults that explores the world of transportation and the careers they can find there." Check it out at The current issue is all about transit!

Have your opinions on bike/transit linkages immortalized!

You want better bike/transit links, right? Come complain/celebrate it and enjoy refreshments!
Active transportation researchers from the University of Colorado would like to invite you to participate in a focus group on cycling and transit integration in Chicago on Monday, March 1 at 3:30pm. The purpose of the focus group is to gain insight on cyclists’ preferences on a range of topics related to the integration of cycling and transit.

Cyclists and transit riders who regularly use both modes for commuting or non-recreational purposes. (We will give priority to those who use integrate both modes on a regular basis).

Ages: Between 18 and 65 and currently employed.

Active Transportation Alliance's offices
9 W. Hubbard St., Ste. 402
Chicago, IL

Friend of Active Transportation Remembered

I learned today that a friend of our mission, Jan Metzger, lost her battle with lung cancer. My good friend from college, Michael Burton and his wife Gin Kilgore, both wrote a wonderful tribute to her work and her passions. I'd like for you to read that now and get to know someone who has made a difference in our line of work.

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