Tell your Congressional leader TODAY to save public transit, walking and biking

Today is a national day of action against proposed federal transportation bills in the House and Senate. If you believe public transit, walking and biking are fundamental, contact your U.S. Senators and Representative now.

These Chicagoland projects and many more are at risk of losing funding:

  • Skokie Valley Trail
  • Navy Pier Flyover
  • Calumet-Sag Trail
  • Safe Routes to School programming
  • Bloomingdale Trail
  • Protected bike lanes, pedestrian safety initiatives in Chicago

Take action by contacting your Congressional leaders now! Please tell your friends!

Federal transit funding is already inadequate, and only 1.6 percent of federal transportation funding is dedicated to walking and biking. Congress should not cut what little dedicated funding we currently have.

Tell your leaders to support transportation funding that creates jobs, reduces congestion, creates healthier citizens and improves the air we breathe.

Take action now!

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Transit Bill Fast Forward

I had a very interesting time this morning when I volunteered to pass out flyers for the Transit Fast Forward bill (SB3236) at the Cumberland CTA station. This was a first time for me to do this sort of thing. I think a few people thought I was pan handling and someone else told me about a job. A lot of people just avoided making eye contact. Thankfully some people really appreciated getting the information, which was really gratifying. It's an interesting experience- everyone should try it at least once. We could get some good bills passed and everyone might think twice about the people they pass on the street.

I'm actually a pro-biking and

I'm actually a pro-biking and walking as means of transportation. Our city is small and vehicles just cause traffic and pollution. Let us support transportation funding!

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I am dependent on public

I am dependent on public transportation to get to work, school, and to get around the city to visit my friends and family. One of my favorite parts of living in Chicago is accessible transportation. I believe that we need to expand public transportation to include more parts of the city and make it easier for people who live in the outskirts of the city can access public transportation.

Please support transportation funding! It keeps the city connected and reduces pollution and is a safe means of transportation.

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