Help make walking, biking safe and convenient in Des Plaines

Would you like to see more adults and kids getting active while walking and biking on the streets and trails of Des Plaines?

Come share your thoughts at a public meeting at the Des Plaines Library on Saturday, April 30, 1:30-3:30 p.m. Participants will be looking at large-scale maps of the city and describing important places they would like to walk or bike.

If you can’t attend this event hosted by the City of Des Plaines and the Active Transportation Alliance, check out the on-line survey. Learn more by visiting the event's Facebook page.

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wish i could make it. i live

wish i could make it. i live in dp and would love to be able to ride my bike around a little more. it is really tough with a bunch of the busy streets and potholes though. bike lanes would be great.

Please spread the word and take the survey

Hey Jonathan, we'd love to have you attend too but since you can't, please make sure to take the survey and let your local friends know about the meeting. We'd appreciate it.


Ethan Spotts

done and done

done and done

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