On-street bike corral added to Pilsen neighborhood

Kudos to Alderman Danny Solis of the 25th Ward for installing the city’s first year-round on-street bike parking corral. Ald. Solis unveiled the rack earlier this month outside Café Jumping Bean at 1439 W. 18th Street in Pilsen.

On-street bicycle corrals free up space for pedestrians by moving bike racks from the sidewalk onto the roadway. A single metered car parking space can hold up to 12 cycles. The rack in Pilsen can hold up to 10 bikes, which is a blessing for a corner that typically has several bikes locked up to random street furniture. As a result of the new bike corral, the sidewalk will be less congested for people on foot and on bikes, and bicyclists will find it more convenient to ride to popular destinations in the neighborhood, like the café, a bookstore, and thrift shops.

On-street bike corrals offer other benefits when looked at from a business perspective: Corrals provide a 10-to-1 customer-to-parking space ratio, they increase foot and bike traffic, and they advertise “bike friendliness” to customers. And we think they just look cool.

If you would like to see on-street bike corral in your neighborhood, send me an e-mail at tony@activetrans.org.

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I don't understand why these

I don't understand why these bike corrals are so pricey. Can you break this down for me?

 Basic breakdown of cost for

 Basic breakdown of cost for a bike corral

10-space bike corral from our cheapest vendor (includes dileneator posts, curb stops, and shipping) $1,500
Installation using a private contractor $400
Public Way Use permit $75/year
Contruction permit $25/day

If the bike corral is located on a snow removal route, the corral may have to be removed and reinstalled every year. 

Because the bike corrals are not being bought from or installed by the city, it actually comes out much cheaper.

Without all the frills, a regular bike corral can come out to about $2,000

It can be a lot to invest on a project just for the sake of improving the streetscape and providing a safe and convenient space for bicyclists. Consider it a proven investment that will bring more clients to your door.

winter removal

What is it that allows this one to stay in in the winter, but not other ones?

winter removal

 This is the first bike corral in Chicago that will be permanent, as in year-round. The loading zone selected for the bike corral does not require snow removal, like the corrals on Clark street or Milwaukee Avenue. It also helps that the rack is not on busy 18th street. It is in a loading zone that Cafe Jumping Bean gave up on Bishop street.

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