Rails to Trails Conservancy: Calumet-Sag Trail "a national model of rail-trail excellence"

Rails to Trails Conservancy (RTC) with The Coca-Cola Company has awarded the Friends of the Calumet-Sag Trail (FOCST) $17,500 for their work to promote, educate and fundraise for the design and construction of a 32-mile paved, multi-use trail along the Cal-Sag and Calumet River. The trail is on track for construction of major sections in the first half of 2012.

The Calumet-Sag Trail is one of five trails nationally to receive their Metropolitan Grants funding. "The Calumet-Sag Trail was selected for its potential to become a national model of rail-trail excellence in the Chicago metropolitan region," says Jeffrey Ciabotti, Vice President for Trail Development at RTC.

FOCST will celebrate the award with a check presentation ceremony September 17, 1 PM at Lake Katherine Nature Preserve, 402 Lake Katherine Drive, Palos Heights, Ill. Bob Lukens, president of FOCST, says the all-volunteer, non-profit group will use the grant to help participating Cal-Sag corridor communities match $87,500 in federal trail funding. “Every dollar FOCST raises allows communities to use $5 in federal trail grants,” says Lukens. "It's a 5 for 1 return."

Lukens says the award gives an early kick to FOCST’s annual benefit for the trail, the Happy Trails Jamboree, also at Lake Katherine on October 1, 6 PM-10 PM.

Active Trans is a founding member of the FOCST, and continue to invests in its completion and its promotion of the Triple Bottom Line.

Read the full press release from FOCST.


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