Lakefront Trail Conditions 3/2

The trail was slushy this Monday morning with lots of salt melting the weekend snow. The water was very rough this weekend and water splashed up and over the trail is several locations. The Trail was closed this morning at North Ave (going south) by the Park District due to dangerous conditions from ice on the Trail. The North Avenue underpass was open to exit the Trail at this point.

Ice was also present south of Fullerton both on the Trail and, in a few locations, the dirt running path to the west of the Trail. Trail users were riding on the dirt to the east of the running path to avoid the ice.

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Lakefront Trail Conditions 3/5

Wow, I can't believe I just found this blog. It's definitely good to know conditions in advance since any detours on the path could make me late for work.

Anyway, today 3/5 as of 7am from Argyle to Jackson: Fairly clear all the way through. No more icy patches. Lots of concrete debris and sand still litter the path from the Oak St. curve - Navy Pier. Still a bit sandy from Fullerton to North also, but definitely rideable. Did not have to get off to carry the bike at all this morning.

Better shape than it was

The trail is in exceedingly better condition as the week has progressed. There is not a bit of ice from Ardmore to Monroe. The security guards were gone as of this morning and the trail from North to Navy Pier was free of debris (well mostly).

Sounds like Inner LSD in better

I guess from your comments Mykil I will stick with Inner LSD until there are a few warmer days to clear away the ice and various other debris. I would rather avoid it and not take an unexpected swim in the lake if I can help it.

trail conditions 3/3

From south of the chess pavilion to Goethe is still very icy and littered with chunks of concrete. From Goethe, it is passable south to Oak St. At Oak, I exited the trail and took the inner drive south to Ohio. I tried to return to the trail at Ohio, but the underpass was blocked by a locked gate. I ended up rejoining the trail at Illinois and it was clear sailing to Monroe. I spoke with some fellow commuters at the Millenium Park bike station and they were able to ride from Oak St. south to Ohio; however, there were police at Ohio. The police told them to take alternate routes home this afternoon. I think the trail will be closed this afternoon from Ohio north to North Ave.

North Lakefront Trail Conditions 3/4

From Ardmore to North Avenue is great. South of there a security guard is posted but I just sailed on through. Lots of concrete and asphalt all over the trail for a few hundred yards, then clears up (be careful though I hit some of it and got a flat). Oak St curve is a tad icy but passable. The rest of the trail is okay except for a patch near the beach by Illinois. Once you get past the river all smooth sailing to Monroe.

Yesterday around 4:30PM as I

Yesterday around 4:30PM as I was riding south on the lakefront trail, I stopped briefly spoke to the park district guard sitting in his car at North Avenue. He said that the trail south of him had been closed because some people had fallen into the lake. I don't whether he had said this to scare people off, or whether it was really true. In any event, I took a detour route to get downtown.

3/4 2pm

The security car at Ohio was allowing people to pass at 2pm. However, on my way south, the car at the Chess Pavilion was turning everyone back. The area between North Ave. and Ohio is easily passable for people on foot although biking through some parts looks hairy. There is a lot of broken debris (including chunks of concrete that look like they came off Lakeshore Dr but that can't be possible) between Oak and Ohio but there is plenty of dry pavement. I'm not sure why they're denying pedestrian access at this point. So much of the pavement is broken-up that perhaps they are concerned about collisions as people weave around the debris. If this is the case, then they may have North to Ohio section closed for some time.

North Lakefront Trail Conditions 3/3

The trail was in great shape from Ardmore to Fullerton, the bypass trail is still VERY icy. Once you get south of that there is still a lot of sand on the trail. The trail south of North I am not sure of the conditions because there is a security guard that has forced me to take Inner LSD. Does anyone know the condition of the trail between North and Navy Pier? Once I got back on the trail from Navy Pier to Monroe the trail was great!

I haven't been down there

I haven't been down there since Friday evening...but it was very, very bleak then, and I'm pretty sure it hasn't been warm enough since for any improvement . The trail south of the chess pavilion to around Goethe St. was one huge sheet of ice where the wind had pushed lake water up onto the path and it had frozen. To make things worse the waves had done some pretty bad damage to the path surface. There were some huge chunks of trail that had been broken up and moved around, and lots of bits from the concrete slope, that had been broken off and dumped onto the path by the waves. I ended up having to walk on the grass in between the drive and the trail, as the ice was so treacherous. Oak St curve was it's usual arctic wasteland, and the trail between Oak and Navy Pier was mostly iced where the waves come up over the wall. I took a spill here and nearly slid into the water...good times!! I'm guessing it's going to take at least a day or two of warm weather to melt the ice, and then the Park District to pick up the pieces before riding is going to be any fun.

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