Lakefront Trail Conditions 2/7/11

I rode the Lakefront Trail today (Monday, 2/7) from Ardmore to 47th Street. The trail is actually in slightly better condition on the north end than it was on Saturday. You can now ride through the Foster crossing and I did not have to put a foot down between Ardmore and Oak Street. There are still a few slushy sections but all were rideable today.

Much of the Trial is wet at this point and temperatures are supposed to drop. The water may freeze on the trail and slush may become hard. Please be careful of changing conditions as it gets colder.

Unfortunately, most underpasses have not been cleared at this point. The only rideable entrance and exit points to the Trail are currently street crossings. I did hike the Oak Street and Ohio Street underpasses and ramps but they were not in rideable condition.

Crossing Grand Ave. at the west end of Lake Point Towers, next to Lower Lake Shore Drive is challenging. Snow plows have pushed snow against the Trail (see photo).

I did not have time to go south of 47th Street but it does look as though the Trail has been plowed south of this point (see photo).

Thanks, Randy

Lakefront Trail at Balbo

 Thanks for the note. Yes, the melting snow does create some problems. Often times the run off from the melting snow creates a river on the plowed Trail. I'm not sure why the Park District didn't plow the paved surface on that section near Balbo. I will contact them to see if they can get to this sooner than later.

Thanks, Randy

Muddy Bottleneck

Hi Randy,

In picture number ten you posted on 2/7, the muddy pass through left by the PD plows is now deeper and now requires a dismount to clear churned muddy slush created by the melting wall of snow. God help us if we have more days near freezing as the snow wall melts and creates a sheet of ice on the path there. Can the PD do anything to start paring this obstacle back and reclaim the path in this area?

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