Elmhurst adopts bike parking ordinance and 'Share the Road' signage

Exciting news for Elmhurst! The Elmhurst City Council unanimously passed a bicycle parking ordinance on March 19.

Groundwork for the new ordinance was laid months in advance during discussions between the Elmhurst Bicycle Task Force and city officials.

Task force chairman and Active Trans board member Bob Hoel (pictured) drew upon a model ordinance and other examples provided by Active Trans, to help create a set of workable requirements for developers.

In further support of bicycling, the city recently installed new signage throughout the community. Sixty "Share the Road" signs have popped up around town on the most-used bike routes. Another 60 "Bike Route" signs have also been posted. Way to go, Elmhurst!

Bike Parking Ordinance.pdf135.11 KB

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Correct Bike Path Mileage

After doing another distance run this morning on the Lakefront Path, i noticed for the 2nd time now that the mileage markers are not correct. Yes, they have been changed but, around mile 2 is where it is incorrect. If mile 0 begins BEFORE Hollywood, how can mile 2 be where it was before mile 0 was changed? For all runners who run for mileage/distance, this needs to be corrected!! Some yeras ago mile 0 was approx. at Bryn Mawr and then it was changed to a little bit north of Hollywood, while mile 2 is where is always has been throughout the years or even a little further south of where it was before when then means that we're running a 1/2 mile in reality. Am i wrong? I calculate my mileage and seems that i've been running 1/2 mile extra.

Perhaps this should be shared

Perhaps this should be shared with officials in Niles. On a recent Saturday morning, I biked on Golf Road (didn't intend to, but was trying to get back on the Forest Preserve Trail), and within 5 minutes had about 20 drivers honking and yelling at me, 2 of them actively trying to drive me of the road...

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