DUDE! Where's My Bike?

Bike theft. It’s one of those things you figure happens to “other” people who have nicer bikes, don’t properly lock up or leave their bike somewhere sketchy overnight. The truth is – it can happen to anyone.

My initial reaction to a stolen bike would probably involve lots of crying, a candlelight vigil at a bike rack and a Facebook rant. Unfortunately, none of these things will get your bike back. There are some things you can do, though!

Last week, Julie Hochstadter, an Active Trans member who helps run The Chainlink.org, had her bike stolen in front of her office in broad daylight. At lightning speed, Julie filed a report with the Chicago Stolen Bike Registry, filed a police report and took the social networking sites by storm trying to find her bike. Less than 48 hours later, her bike was FOUND! You can read more about Julie’s story on the Chainlink.

You can also read a recent article in ModeShift featuring some good advice on preventing theft of your bike, and steps to take if it gets stolen.

Bike theft stinks. In the event that it happens to you – don't give up! Act fast and you could be reunited with your good friend.


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social media helps find stolen bike

Came across this few-months-old story today. Talks about how social media helped a guy in NY find his bike. Interesting story. Could possibly help a local rider some day, or maybe you already have a similar story?

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