Illinois Congressional delegation help stall flawed transportation bill; fight not over

I just heard from America Bike’s fantastic lobbyist, Caron Whitaker, that the lack of support from so much of the Illinois delegation, particularly the Republicans, has been instrumental in forcing House leadership to delay its awful transportation bill.

Republican Representatives Biggert, Dold, Johnson and Klinzinger are opposing the bill as written. The House bill (HR 7) would eliminate dedicated federal funding for transit, walking and biking and direct that funding instead to roads. This is especially troubling for a region like ours where one third of all trips are by foot, bike and transit. The Sun Times and the Tribune have come out against the bill, as well.

This fight is far from over, and even our supporters in Congress need to hear from us to not compromise and give away dedicated funding for transit, walking and biking.

Learn more and contact your U.S. Representatives today! And thanks to everyone who has already responded.

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HR 7 Congressional Record is confusing

Ron, or anyone, can you help make sense of the political maneuvering in Washington? I am familiar with the process, and I'm still confused.

I see that HR 7 is tied to HRes 547 and HRes 547 was just voted and passed in the house. This is just to have debate on a few bills, including HR 7. Roll vote No. 51 shows who voted Aye and No (Repubs voted Aye, and Dems voted No with a few exceptions). Biggert, Dold, Kinzinger, Walsh (my rep) and others voted Aye; Johnson didnt vote.

What does this step in the process mean? Looking at the record overall, it seems Repubs want to have some debate on HR 7 and the related legislation. But if all the Repubs want to talk about it and none of the Dems do, my interpretation is that the Repubs want to enact cost cutting and Dems dont want to even talk about it. I'm confused about all of this and where Congress is and where they are going. How exactly do the IL Repubs you cited as opposed to HR 7 actuall help here??? Can someone help me understand it better? I want to communicate effectively with my Rep Walsh, but am not really clear on where he stands and what I should be saying other than "oppose HR 7"). Thanks!

HR 7, by the way everyone, is 884 pages!!! Thats overkill in my book.

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