Chicago City Council passes speed camera ordinance, 33-14

Thanks to the alderman who voted yes today! Active Trans has long supported enforcement of traffic laws like speed limits—and speed cameras are another enforcement tool.

Reducing crashes and injuries is one of Active Trans’ two overarching goals, along with shifting more trips to biking, walking and transit.

And yes, despite what some say, enforcing speed limits does reduce crashes and crash severity—whether the ticket is issued by a cop or a camera.

Speed limit enforcement alone is not enough, of course. This is why we advocate for a comprehensive approach that includes enforcement of other laws, street-level infrastructure changes like speed bumps and crosswalk improvements, protected bike lanes, education, AND speed cameras.

We don’t have to choose between speed cameras and these other tools as some claim. In fact, speeding ticket revenues can help pay for these other strategies.

Speed cameras should be located in places with high injury crash rates where they will most effectively improve safety, not raise money.

The same can be said about the locations police officers choose to enforce speed limits. We’re confident this will happen, and we will raise a stink if it does not. The Chicago Department of Transportation will post speed camera information online, and there will be an advisory committee to help guide where cameras go.

People don’t like to get speeding tickets; so some aren’t happy with our position. As 11th Ward Ald. Balcer said during the floor debate today, "We will get used to it, and we will adjust to it. If people don't want a ticket, obey the law."

Check out this NBC 5 story that features a video Active Trans shot of cars speeding through Humboldt Park.

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Red Light Cameras

There's no money in speed bumps.

Red Light Camera

The following message was sent to Alderman and the ones that voted for the camera didn't have the best interest of the children in mind.

I've been an activist within the community for a long time that actually create opportunities for children using public spaces and then I run into blatant interference from some public offices that cause problems.

I'm against the use of red light camera. This is another way elected offices exploit children, especially when speed bumps are very effective. How many elected offices have visited the schools and parks in their districts with a camera and made a point of walking through the buildings.

Do you know the physical conditions of the schools and parks that you are claiming to have interest in the children safety and well being. Who is the contractor and what is the profit for them.

Where are the real safety concerns when it comes to protect all children from being murdered. Are there bounties being offered for those that commit such repulsive deadly offensives. I'm willing to give my life for the safety of a child, ARE YOU?

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