Allow undocumented immigrants to drive legally and, therefore, more safely

In Illinois, undocumented immigrants can't get a drivers license, which means they are driving without proper training and education. And without a license they can't get insurance, so they are more likely to flee from crashes.

Because all of this undermines safety on our streets, Active Trans supports state legislation pending in Springfield that would allow undocumented immigrants to get temporary licenses.

Read more about it and send an email to your state legislators! It's all on the website for The Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights.

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Give it a try

Read an article recently that suggested we test out social policy and legislation before we use it. The article cited examples where such testing successfully demonstrated which courses of action yield intended results, and which ones did not.

Testing, for one year or so, in a two or more collar suburbs, 1) one burb that DOES allow undocumented immigrants to be licensed, and 2) another that DOES NOT allow undocumented immigrants to be licensed. Measure data under both schemes, and determine in about 12 months how it works. The more communities that test this, the more data we get about policy nuances, and demographic differences. It's pretty easy, and could allow communities to move forward and successfully achieve goals.

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