Evanston takes another step toward creating streets that welcome everyone

Congratulatoins to Evanston for joining the growing list of Chicagoland communities that have adopted Complete Streets resolutions. 

One of the exciting features of this resolution is that it takes a “complete and green network approach,” which means the Evanston Department of Public Works will consider both the environmental sustainability and the ease of public access in all future transportation construction projects.

Also, a great feature of the policy is that it covers any project within the city right-of-way, in a park or on an off-street trail, not just the roadway.

Residents on the city's environment board drafted the proposed the resolution. City staff spent time with the board and helped guide the resolution through from start to finish before the city council voted on it.

Active Trans provided support to the city during the process by sharing examples of other communities’ policies.

Is your community ripe for a Complete Streets policy? Active trans can help. Please contact Amanda Woodall amanda@activetrans.org for more information. 

Look here to find out if your community has a Complete Streets policy. To learn more, check out Active Trans' set of Complete Streets fact sheets (in the right column). 

For more information about Evanston's policy, contact  city's Sustainable Programs Coordinator Catherine Hurley, churley@cityofevanston.org, or the city's Director of Public Works Suzette Robinson, Publicworks@cityofevanston.org. 

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