Your voice was heard!

Your voice was heard! All the letters and phone calls to State's Attorney Anita Alvarez prompted her office to call us and shed some light on the cases involving Armando Reza and Erik Fabian, who were convicted of intentionally running down cyclists.

We are so encouraged by the conversation we had and the office's position on ensuring justice for unlawful drivers. We have made plans to meet with the State’s Attorney’s Office and we will continue to update you.

You have made our voice into a roar! The State's Attorney's Office told us they were "bombarded" with letters - your letters! They sent a strong message – we belong on the road and we deserve protection. Thank you!

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Thanks for your work on this,

Thanks for your work on this, ATA. I just received a response from Anita Alvarez. Glad to hear the SA office was pushing for prison time, but am extremely disappointed with the excessive lenience of the judge. Hopefully we can keep up this momentum and raise awareness about these issues. A car is a deadly weapon too!

Did anyone else notice that Anita Alvarez included the email addresses of EVERY respondent in her email? Bad form!!!

Well what did they say?

Well what did they say?

more than one judge

If you remember a few months ago Mary Rehm in Naperville got only 21 days (total sentence was a whopping 42 days). It is more than just this one judge and one case. It seems to me the problem is systemic. Cyclists' lives simply are seen to have little value, and prejudice against them permeates even judges' beliefs of right and wrong and justice.

If you try to hit a cop with your car it is assault with a deadly weapon at a minimum. The state should be persuing every case of assault with a car with the same virgour and judges should treat them all equally.

Dumb judge K

Yeah! Glad the prosecutors were pushing for more. Didn't I say that too often the judges are out if touch with bicyclists matters? I'm glad that I cc'd the judge in my letter last week. She us dumb - wait, is name calling childish and perhaps uncalled for? Not to me. She us an idiot for handing down those sentences! Keep up the good fight! And send the dishonorable judge K a letter if you haven't.

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