Save Chicago bike parking!

Chicago’s new on-street parking scheme has drivers reeling. But replacing parking meters with pay-and-display kiosks has a very serious impact on bike parking.

Losing 36,000 parking meters essentially means cyclists are losing 36,000 bike parking spots.

We have written to the city urging it to put some of the money generated by the lease with LAZ Parking toward bike parking.

June marks the start of the City’s budget process. It is important to let your aldermen know that you want him or her to make bike parking replacement a priority. Be sure they know that bike parking is vital to your life as a resident in their ward.

Questions? Contact Rob Sadowsky at

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I need bike parking....

Do you guys have some easy link that I can click on to inform my alderman or City representative that I am a supporter of diverting some of the revenue from the parking meters to bike parking.

As parking gets more expensive more people will begin biking. We need more bike parking.

Thank you,

Phone calls are more effective...

Your best bet is to call your Alderman directly or send a letter...electronic form letters are not as effective as picking up the phone or sending a personal letter.

You can call 311 to find out your Alderman and their contact information.


Humorous reality in the day's of instant connectivity and data floods - phone and paper sometimes grab attention more than digital messages. Often think this is a result of focus, since paper and phones are not surrounded by links and flashing media.


No easy link from us, yet.  If you need to research your political representatives, you can find them at

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