What's a “bicycle superhighway?”

If you went to Tuesday’s Streets for Cycling Plan 2020 open house meeting, or if you’ve read about it online, you might be wondering what a “bicycle superhighway” is. Here’s a great video explanation from London, which has really embraced the concept.

The Chicago Department of Transportation is looking for feedback at the public meetings on what to call “Bicycle Superhighways” in Chicago, and they’ve offered this explanation of this bike route classification:

Chicago’s most direct routes in and out of the Loop for bicyclists. These “red carpets” for bicycling will be improved over the next eight years to provide bicyclists with the safest, quickest and most comfortable accommodations possible. This will require a level of creativity and innovation in street design and branding new to the United States. Characteristics of bicycle superhighways may include; intersection improvements, colored pavement, improved pavement, traffic signals for bicyclists, more bike parking, unique signage and branding. Specific bike accommodations will be determined through the design and implementation stages of the plan, and the feasibility of the following improvements will be considered, starting from the top:
- Protected bike lanes (preferred treatment)
- Two‐way protected bike lanes
- Buffered bike lanes
- Bike lanes/marked shared lanes

To experience a more literal version of a Bicycle Superhighway, make sure to join us this Sunday for Bike the Drive!

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Bicycle Super Highway

Interesting ideas, the new plan 2150? Just having had to criss-cross the loop by bike for the last week, there is pretty much nothing except cars, and lotsa construction sites with absolute disregard for pedestrian or bike safety.

Mass bicycling (think Amsterdam) will not happen unless the city decides to seriously consider closing lanes on crowded streets in favor of human powered transportation, be it by foot or bike, make room for the bike-sharing plan, and make biking attractive—as is, it is anything from. A serious plan for a separate bike lane on Michigan Avenue would be a good first step for the city to show its commitment.

Amsterdam wike

That wike on Globe Trekker this week was awesome! Did you miss the show? It was the Amsterdam City Guide 2 episode (airs again 6.8.12 at 1:30 am on channel 20 I think).

The wike is a recumbent with a sail. Pedal and wind power. That would really open up options for an extended super highway. Totally agree with Shuydts about commitment though. I like to dream.

Oh, and the Globe Trekker show had an 8 person circular bike riding down the road. It was a bigger bike and not really legal, but they let them ride because they're not hurting anyone (novel idea isn't it?). Great gear action on that bike; everyone faced each other and pedaled facing forward into the circle, but the bike kept its forward motion on the road. Had 4 wheels plus a steering wheel and one of the riders 'drove' it. Very cool!

Imagine a super highway to Madison, and beyond!

Price for Bike the Drive

WAAAAYYY too much money. Come up with a more affordable way (cut in half - maybe have corporate sponsorship pick up the rest to pay for police, etc) and you will increase your profile, ridership and profits 10 fold!!!!

Seriously. Find a way .. I'll get my friends on board. But $50 for a bike ride?? No. Sorry. Enjoy the ride - but it should be half the price.

Sign up early and save

 Hey Joseph, prices are lower if you sign up early on and look for discount codes in our ads. Active Trans members save even more. Our pricing is in line with other large-scale bike rides like the Five Boros Tour in NY. We do have corporate sponsorship but currently that only covers 25-30 percent of the event costs (which are quite large). Obviously we're working to increase that but sponsorship could probably only cover about half of the costs. We're sorry you won't join us for the ride, our biggest fundraiser...please consider signing up early next and pay a lot less.

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