Tell Gov. Quinn: Don't put the brakes on protected bike lanes and safer streets!

Whether you're an 8-year-old child or 80-year-old grandmother, you should be able to ride a bike on your community's streets without fearing for your safety. Barrier protected bike lanes are designed with all kinds of people in mind to make biking a safe and easy option for everyone.

But Streetsblog Chicago and the Chicago Tribune have revealed that the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) has put the brakes on barrier protected bike lanes and safer streets. This will impact plans for safer streets in both the City of Chicago and the suburbs.

Please sign this petition telling Gov. Quinn that IDOT must cooperate with local communities to create safer streets for biking!

Tell Gov. Quinn: Don't put the brakes on protected bike lanes and safer streets

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Chicago needs protected bike lanes

For a better city, for safer biking, for riders who trust traffic enough to obey the laws... the research all points to the efficacy and attractiveness of protected bike lanes. GIVE THEM NOW!

Save the bike lanes!

Please continue the efforts for protected bike lanes! I think it's a great thing for Chicago.

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