Potential relocation of Kinzie protected bike lane to Grand Ave.


Because of the potential construction impact of the Wolf Point development project on the Kinzie Street protected bike lane, 42nd Ward Ald. Brendan Reilly shared the news that the city is considering relocating the Kinzie protected bike lane to Grand Avenue.

Active Trans is pleased that in his negotiations with the developer, Ald. Reilly has made maintaining safe streets for biking a priority. We're also pleased that the developer has agreed to fund the relocation of this highly used bike lane, pending approval of the development by the Chicago Plan Commission.

Active Trans believes Grand Avenue could be a great alternative route, as long as it allows for protected bike lanes accomodating two-way bike traffic between Milwaukee Avenue and the planned protected bike lane on Dearborn Street, and as long as the Grand Avenue bikeway is completed before the Kinzie bikway is removed.

We are still awaiting additional details on this potential project and will share more information as it's available.

UPDATE: We spoke with Alderman Reilly’s office to ask about the bikeway design and whether the Grand bikeway would be installed before the Kinzie bikeway is removed. They said the alderman is committed to ensuring there’s a seamless transition from Kinzie to Grand without disruption to bike access. The plan is to create a connection on Grand between Milwaukee and the planned Dearborn bikeway. The developer is still working out the plans with CDOT and will hire their own contractor to install the bikeway per CDOT’s specs, in order to expedite installation. Details such as how two-way bike traffic will be accommodated are still to be determined. This would be a temporary relocation of the bikeway unless CDOT determines protected bike lanes should remain on Grand.

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The Wolf Point development is still awaiting approval, which was recently delayed: http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2012-11-28/news/ct-met-wolf-point-def...


How will access to Clinton

How will access to Clinton and Canal work from Grand? Or is there another route to Ogilvie and Union Stations from the current Kinzie PBL? (Not west on Madison please - that mid-street bike lane disappears after the river - ugh!)

The new protected bike lane

The new protected bike lane being installed on Desplaines and the new buffered bike lane that should go in shortly on Franklin should provide better connections to Ogilvie and Union Station. You can check this map of bikeways that are under construction and planned to get a better sense of the connections: http://www.activetrans.org/bikeways/tracker


Happy to hear that they're

Happy to hear that they're serious about ensuring quality bicycling facilities. After the Wolf Point construction is done, why not have protected bike lanes on both Grand *and* Kinzie?

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