Introducing the South Side’s first protected bike lane

Bikeway construction crews in Chicago are showing no sign of slowing down! This week they’ve started rolling out another mile of protected bike lanes through Hyde Park, bringing our tally to 7 miles.

Every mile we add makes our streets safer for everyone and more welcoming to people biking. And when more people take everyday trips by bike, the positive benefits impact everyone!

Exciting news this week:

55th Street protected bike lane
The South Side’s first protected bike lane is coming to life this week in Hyde Park. Crews are installing the lane between Cottage Grove and Lake Park, helping to connect residents of this bustling neighborhood with a direct route to the spectacular Washington Park. The lane also cruises past the University of Chicago campus, and a number of churches and schools. South Siders, you’re going to love it.

With your help, we’re rallying Chicagoans around 100 miles of protected bike lanes and other innovative bikeways such as buffered bike lanes and neighborhood greenways. Please help us spread the word. Every supporter we add makes our voice stronger and can help us get more aldermen and community groups on board with new bikeway projects. Tell your friends to sign on, and volunteer to help us build our movement for better bikeways!

Volunteer this summer!
We’re going all out this summer to make sure that the people of Chicago are informed and excited about the world-class bike network that is being built literally as you read this sentence. An enormous task lies before us and we need your help to reach as many people as we possibly can through direct outreach at fun summer events. We’ll be signing up new supporters who can speak up with us to keep bikeway projects moving forward. To learn more and volunteer, please email John Lankford at

the south side

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Putting up a bike lane is

Putting up a bike lane is really important for safety of the motorist, and most importantly for the pedestrians. I have visited some parts of the world where they really added a bike lane in the high ways, just like in le soleil boracay.

18th St. is 1st

Do you guys even look at a map? 18th St is 1st.
Sorry to burst your bubble Hyde Park.
To the author, in future remember if it is south of Madison it is the South Side.

18th Street?

What about the protected bike lane on 18th Street? That's on the south side at 1800 S.

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