First protected bike lane coming to Chicago!

Active Trans is thrilled that the city has started construction on Chicago’s first protected bike lane.

Chicago needs a bicycle network designed with all kinds of people in mind if we want to make biking safe and easy for everyone. Everyone should feel safe on our streets, whether you’re an 8-year-old child or 80-year-old grandmother.

A comprehensive network of protected bikeways has the potential to significantly reduce crashes for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists alike while increasing the number of people who would choose bicycling for transportation. This first protected bike lane is a huge first step in that direction.

Later this week, Active Trans will officially launch a new Neighborhood Bikeways Campaign, which seeks a 100-mile network of protected bikeway in Chicago by 2015. Mayor Rahm Emanuel and new Chicago Department of Transportation Commissioner Gabe Klein already share this goal with us, and we look forward to working with them.

But the mayor and CDOT acting alone will not be enough! Chicagoans and our city council need to step up to the plate if we want to see this vision come to life. The Active Trans Neighborhood Bikeways Campaign will begin organizing supporters in Chicago neighborhoods and building aldermanic support across the city to move bikeway projects forward. You can get a head start by making a contribution to support the campaign today.

To support the campaign, donate at and enter “Neighborhood Bikeways Campaign” in the comments section at checkout.

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This is a good news for

This is a good news for everyone who rides bike almost everyday in going to work, school or just getting out of the house. Protected bike lane makes the bikers secure and less worried while pedaling. Looking forward for mroe protected bike lanes in the coming months.
- Mike Dillard


This is great news! Thanks for posting it. I've been meaning to start bugging Alderman Balcer (11th) about the appalling conditions for biking on the obvious SW biking corridor, Archer Avenue. This sounds like the time to do it.

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