Chicago bikeways continue to bloom this week – read the latest update!

Last week we told you about the ambitious start to the spring construction season with CDOT crews installing new protected and buffered bike lanes on Elston Avenue, Franklin Boulevard, Roscoe and Campbell streets, and Division Street. We are thrilled to see these efforts continue this week while new projects get underway to gradually transform Chicago into a safer, more livable city.

Thanks to these new facilities, Chicago’s streets have never been safer for people on bikes. And people of all ages are taking their first bike ride in years, further expanding Chicago’s biking community and helping us build momentum for better cycling conditions.

Here’s what’s happening this week:

Jackson Boulevard protected bike lane
Jackson is becoming a major bike route connecting the west side and the Loop. New protected bike lanes are now under construction between Hamlin and Central Park avenues. Additional protected bike lanes are also proposed for this year on Jackson Boulevard between Ogden and Halsted streets.

These projects will help this crucial corridor become a safer, more comfortable ride. You can expect to see scores of first-time riders join the growing number of people on bikes along this popular stretch.

Lake Street protected bike lane
The west side bike revolution continues! Construction crews are installing a protected bike lane between Central Park and Damen avenues. People biking will enjoy added protection along this portion of Lake Street. By giving people in cars and people on bikes their own space, the new lane will go a long way in reducing the chaotic feeling Lake Street can have, particularly with the Green Line rumbling overhead.

Speaking of serenity, the new lane provides a safe route to the world-renowned Garfield Park Conservatory. A bike ride followed by a visit to the Fern Room? We feel more relaxed already.

Remember: the first 25 miles — which is now well underway — will make Chicago the nation’s leader in on-street bikeways.

The full 100 miles will transform the city as we know it. As exciting as these improvements are, we need to demonstrate our support for them as much as possible. Please share this message with friends and help us get the word out. Ask them to voice their support by signing on to the Neighborhood Bikeways Campaign.

Stay tuned for more updates next week.

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18th st. bike lanes

Is there any update on when the plates will be going in on the 18th street bridge over the river. The original word was spring 2012, but they're still not installed.

 Melissa -- We've heard that

 Melissa -- We've heard that hopefully they'll be installed by the second week of June.


Thanks for the updated info. Fingers crossed!

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