Checking in on Chicago's bikeways

The recent spring-like weather has been reminding us that construction season is just around the corner, and we’re anticipating some major bikeway improvements when construction crews hit the streets again!

Last year, the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) installed two miles of protected bike lanes on Kinzie Street, 18th Street and Jackson Boulevard! They also restriped nine miles of bike lanes, installed 17 miles of new “conventional” bike lanes, including the first bike lane in the Loop, and made a number of fantastic intersection improvements for bikes. Check out the CDOT Bike Program’s 2011 Year in Review (PDF).

Over the past few months, CDOT has also announced additional projects that would add more than 6 miles of new protected bike lanes. These projects include Elston Avenue, a project along the boulevard system on the West Side, and extending the bikeway on Jackson Boulevard. CDOT will also be installing the city’s first neighborhood greenway on a mile-long stretch of Berteau Street.

The city has committed to 25 miles of protected bike lanes by this summer. So we should expect to see more exciting announcements as the weather warms up!

Sign up for our Neighborhood Bikeways Campaign to help create better bikeways in your Chicago neighborhood.

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