Careful on that ice - especially painted pavement (green bike lanes) too!!

Please bike safely on all this ice!!

Remember, painted pavement (crosswalks, colored bike lanes, etc) is nearly as slick as metal grate bridges when icy or wet! 

The instant I hit the green bike lane on icy Milwaukee yesterday, my front wheel zipped right out from under me and I broke the fall with my (now less than perfect) nose! Luckily I was riding slowly and wearing my helmet, so nothing else was broken!

But, as an ActiveTrans staff member who very recently assisted in a winter bike safety class, I wanted to remind you just how easy it is to forget and (literally) slip up for even just one second!

That being said - Keep it up, winter commuters! Bike commuting is still my passion and I will always continue to urge others to do so - SAFELY!

Watch those green bike lanes in this ice, please!


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Oh No!


Good to ride with you the other night. I hope you are alright. Mark

Randolph Street

Randolph Street east of Michigan Avenue is a designated bike lane and is marked accordingly. On any day, especially when the weather is nice (and one might be biking) there are cars, buses, and trucks PARKED (not just standing) in the lanes, a clear violation of the ordinance and one for which the fine is doubled since it creates a dangerous situation. I have collected photos, communicated with my alderman, complained to the police, and called 911 with no avail.

Either enforce the ordinance or eliminate the bike lance -- the status quo makes a mockery of lanes dedicated to bicycling. Just because it's next to the mayor's favorite monument - Millenium Park - doesn't mean he can have it both ways, commercial activities in the park and recreational riding on the streets.

In defense of green bike lanes


I'm sorry to hear about your fall yesterday. I hope you're doing better today. We all need to be careful out there on these snowy days, especially with Streets and San. tightening their belt on snow and ice removal.

You're misinformed, however, about green colored bike lanes. These lanes are NOT paint and are NOT "slick as metal grate bridges" under wet conditions. They are colored with preformed thermoplastic. This material is much more durable than paint and is impregnated with glass beads for retroreflectivity and silica aggregate for skid resistance. This skid resistance, in fact, has been spec'd to be higher than normal pavement.

Ice is another issue. If you cover anything with ice, it is...well...slick as metal grate bridges - probably even slicker. On my commute in yesterday, whole bike lanes, whole streets were covered in ice. It doesn't matter how grippy a surface is; if it's covered in ice, it's slippery.

I would revise your advice to read:

Watch wherever you ride, not just green bike lanes, in this ice, please!

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