Time to bring Metra into the 21st century

What do air conditioning, Scotch tape and some of Metra’s most critical rail-switching equipment have in common?

They were all invented in the 1930s.

While the technologies behind air conditioning and adhesive tape have come a long way in the last 80 years, the same can’t be said for Chicago’s aging railroad infrastructure.

Metra is stuck in the past while commuters are stuck waiting for the next train to show up (eventually).

Take action to help bring Metra into the 21st century.

To put it lightly, Metra has had a rough start to 2014. Weather related issues, maintenance backlogs, cancellations and delays -- it seems like each workday has brought us a new adventure.

And all of these issues don’t even mention the years-long saga of scandal, reform and relapse we’ve suffered through with Metra leadership.

While some troubles -- at least some weather related ones -- can't be avoided, we believe Metra riders deserve better. Help us tell Metra to get a move on in 2014!

Use our online form to send a message asking newly appointed Metra CEO, Don Orseno, to prioritize things that matter most to riders in 2014: trains that arrive on-time, clear communication about travel, 21st century technological advances and more frequent service.

Image, courtesy of Flickr user railsr4me used under Creative Commons license, depicts Metra's long outdated rail switching equipment.

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You're going to need to widen

You're going to need to widen your net if you want some of these items.

1. Expanded service means lobbying state and federal legislators to provide the money to do it.

2. The tech advances will depend upon the host railroads (where applicable - Metra only owns some of their tracks outright), again, state and federal legislators need to be contacted (and Metra IS implementing PTC, but like other railroads, there is a backlog of equipment and an installation knowledge deficit slowing things down).

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