Everything you ever wanted to know about DIVVY, but were afraid to ask

The dust has settled, the kinks have been worked out and like almost every single other bike, pedestrian and transit project that was anticipated with much glee by Active Trans, and much dread from some others, the DIVVY bike-sharing program is here and it’s an unqualified success. As of Sept. 4, there have been

• More than 230,000 trips taken on Divvy bikes
• More than 6,200 annual members
• More than 55,700 24-hour passes sold
• More than 200 stations
• More than 680,000 estimated miles traveled

More than 680,000 miles travelled! That’s the equivalent of circling the globe 27 TIMES! That’s the equivalent of going to the MOON and back, and then almost all the way back to the moon AGAIN. Chicago rode a bike to the moon! Wrap your head around that!

Or another way to look at it: a 175lb person biking at a moderate pace burns about 58 calories per mile. Multiply that by 680,000 miles and you get 39,440,000 calories burned!

One Chicago style hot dog is approximately 475 calories. That means, thanks to DIVVY, Chicago has earned the right to eat an additional 82,857 Chicago style dogs! Yum!

With that in mind, please enjoy our latest video on the wonders of DIVVY!


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necessary: credit card

As someone who frequents the loop and beyond I would have used DIVVY by now were it not for the necessity of a credit card/debit card. As one with a dislike and lifetime swearing off commitment I am deprived of this DIVVY service.

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