A person riding a bicycle was killed this morning in a crash

 People are killed every day while getting around. People that walk or bike are particularly vulnerable and safe travel is ensured only when everyone is following the rules of the road.

Without knowing all the details of the crash, it would be irresponsible for us to find fault for this crash, but all indications seem to point to it being entirely avoidable. We do not accept that crashes are inevitable. Everyone has choices they can make to increase safety on the road.

People who are driving can and should look before getting out of their cars. That couple of seconds can save a life and is required by law. People who are driving can and should pay attention, keep both hands on the wheel, use signal and their mirrors, drive within the speed limit and observe a safe passing distance. In IL the minimum is three feet.

People who are biking can and should avoid the door zone, the three to four feet near where a door could be opened into your travel path. People on bikes can and should look and signal to take the lane if that is the safest choice. If conditions along a route make it impractical to take the lane, etc. (new construction, high speeds), people on bikes should consider selecting an alternate route.

No matter how you get around, please obey the law, make safe choices and respect each other as people: not as a "car" or "bike" or "pedestrian"...we're people and we can keep each other safe.

Again, our thoughts are with the family and friends of the fatal crash victim who won't be going home today.

getting doored

I think if a person causes death by neglegance should be chared with neglegent homicide .Because if that man would have taken a few seconds to look out of his side view mirror Neil Townsend would still be alive tonite.I have been door twice and if you dont get injured the law does nothing to protect your broken or mangeled property .They passed a three feet law and it is not enforced at all .I have had cars turn right in front of me while there was a police vehicle present and they did nothing to the vehicle operator .Some respect needs is due to us soon.Bicyclist have the most eco friendly vehicles on earth but the least respected .

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