Dark Matter Coffee and Active Transportation Alliance team up to fuel advocacy and events

Do you love coffee? We do too! Much of our work and office is powered by delicious coffee and we know that lots of people who walk, bike or take transit are also fans of hot or iced coffee.

So, we’re pleased to announce a new year-round partnership with Chicago-based Dark Matter Coffee. These premier artisan coffee roasters are now a sponsor at our 2014 fundraising special events and outreach campaigns!

This is how cool the Dark Matter people are:

“Dark Matter is committed to powering people who utilize active transportation like biking, walking and transit. We’re also proud to help power the advocacy efforts of Active Trans,” said Kyle Hodges, Minister of Propaganda, Dark Matter Coffee. “Our double-strength iced coffee will be the perfect kick for bike commuters this summer.”

As the Preferred Coffee of the Active Transportation Alliance, Dark Matter Coffee will be available for bike commuters on Winter Bike to Work Day Tuesday, January 21 (hot, of course) and during Bike Commuter Challenge Pit Stops June 13 through 20 this summer.

As a sponsor, Dark Matter Coffee will also donate coffee for Active Trans’ outreach campaigns and sell coffee at MB Financial Bank Bike the Drive May 25 and Four-Star Bike Tour Sept. 7. Dark Matter Coffee samples will also be available at the start of the new Bike to Brew ride Saturday, July 26.

We hope you’ll be able to try some Dark Matter coffee with us in 2014!

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Is anyone else as amused as I

Is anyone else as amused as I am by the title of "Minister of Proganda"? If their coffee is as good as their sense of humor, I think I'm going to like discovering more about this company.

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