Bike swaps 2014

For the past three years we’ve hosted the Chicago Bike Swap in partnership with our friends at Bike Winter. And we really enjoyed hosting the swaps, but unfortunately we’re not able to produce the swap for 2014. We’re bummed about this because we feel it’s a great event and opportunity to connect with the local bike community.

The good news: we’re planning a new large-scale bike ride for the summer (official announcement coming soon!). We wanted to make sure we could focus our event team on making that successful.

We may bring our swap back it in 2015, but thankfully Bike Winter is working with some other folks to host a Winter Bike Swap at Jak’s Tap on Feb. 15 (the same place we worked with Bike Winter and other partners to host a pilot bike swap four years ago).

And in a couple of weeks, there’s also the 7th annual Chicago Winter Bike Swap on Jan. 18 at Harper College in Palatine.

Both swaps look to be great opportunities for local cyclists to get together and check out cool deals.

So if you want to get your bike swap on, thankfully there are some Chicagoland options!

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