Bike for Booze in October

Active Trans is pleased to partner with Death's Door Spirits and bicycle-friendly bars across Chicago for Bike for Booze, which runs the entire month of October.

Bike rides are scheduled for this Saturday, Oct. 5 and Saturday, Oct. 19.

Throughout the month, riders can get a Bike for Booze Passport from any participating bar to ride and win prizes like a custom vintage bicycle and a trip to Death's Door Distillery!

Death's Door Spirits will donate $1 to Active Trans for every Bike for Booze Cocktail sold in October.

The first Bike For Booze Ride is this Saturday, Oct. 5, from 1 to 4 p.m. The ride begins at Three Aces where bikers will enjoy a 12-mile ride around the city that ends with an after-party at Boiler Room.

Participants in the scheduled rides will earn an extra entry in the grand prize drawing, a Bike for Booze T-shirt, and food and libations at the after-party.

The second Bike for Booze Ride is scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 19 from 1 to 4 p.m. with locations TBA.

Please sign up for the rides and learn more at

Bars participating in Bike for Booze:
Hopleaf, Handlebar, Simone's, Revolution Brewery, Hideout, Maria's Package Goods, Jerry's Sandwiches, Five Star, Three Aces, Boiler Room, Four Moon Tavern, The Grafton, Red Door, Fountainhead, Feast

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It is always a mystery to me why people cannot behave responsibly. Its not hard. Responsibility does not require a higher education. Responsibility is not gender nor ethnic specific. Responsibility doesn't require any physical excellence. Just stop and pause and behave responsibly.

Very GOOD idea! Glad ATA is

Very GOOD idea!

Glad ATA is getting around to organizing adult rides like the rest of the local bike community's been doing for years.

I've done dozens of rides (even organized a few) that involved drinks.
Never had any injuries or deaths.

If you need a teetotaler ride, just go on any OTHER ATA ride.

Very BAD Idea!!! There are

Very BAD Idea!!!

There are not many things that Active Trans has done that I think are bad, but this one is BAD. Events that are titled "Bike for Booze"? Supported by an organization that promotes sustainable transportation? Let's see: 1)bikes are vehicles; 2)bikes operate on streets; 3)booze impairs and slows reaction times of operators of vehicles; 4)impaired operators of vehicles are more likely to cause or be unable to avoid a crash. Sorry, folks. It does not seem that you really thought this one through.

another ATA bad idea

Judging by the number of recent Tribune letters to editor on cyclists behavior it seems this would be an appropriate time for ATA to get with seriously convincing all riders to program their minds. That is to behave on a bike exactly as they drive an auto. When this happens the cyclist improves his/her chances of getting through life without collision with autos. This behavior should be automatic and will be if consistently done. That ATA is not doing this is in itself a bad mistake. It would not be surprise me if half the ATA staff disobeys traffic laws though I hope not. At any rate ATA board and staff are too soft headed and sympathetic with bad cyclist behavior to effect an important attitude change.

Responsible biking

Lisa, the scheduled rides were planned specifically to enjoy a bike ride in Chicago, with a drink at the after-party only, so as to not promote drinking while riding. Our partner, Death's Door Spirits did not design this to be a bar-hop and is certainly promoting responsible drinking. 

The month-long promotion is titled "Bike for Booze" to show that Active Trans' is a beneficiary of the Death's Door Spirit's promotion. Active Trans and Death's Door Spirits both encourage and support responsible drinking.

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