Where's the money?

Have you ever wondered what happens to the money you pay for moving violations? Here's a quick primer for you.

Last month, the basic fine for many moving violations was increased from $75 to $120. If you don't contest the fine and pay by mail, the clerk of the county courts will take about $30 off the top for various administrative charges and $15 for the Illinois State Police (even if they didn't issue the ticket). Then of the remaining amount, 44.5 percent of the fines go to the the local government, 16.825 percent goes to the state treasurer and 38.675 percent goes to the county general fund. This money is all allocated for general revenue purposes.

What do you think of how this money is allocated? Where do you think the money should go? Should it go to general revenue funds as it is now or should it go to dedicated purposes like traffic safety, road construction, and transit?


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better allocation

Maybe it would be better if they gave the state police share to the community/region of the law enforcement writing the ticket for better roads and for creating bike paths to keep the bikes off the roads. Along with this, they should require some pemit/endorsement to allow bikes on the street and those allowed should be forced to follow the "rules of the road" or face fines just as other modes of transportation does.

The bikes create a hinderence to vehicles on roadways not designed for bikes and they usually don't follow the rules of the road creating more problems. All the while the riders complain about how they are mistreated. If they are provided a space and required to follow laws as cars do this could cut down on these problems. The money raised for the permits and the money given to the municipalities for the roadways could all fund these paths.

This money could be allocated

This money could be allocated to Traffic Safety, more public transportation, that's for sure.

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