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Active Transportation Alliance is your voice for better biking, walking and transit. Now is your chance to speak your mind. 

We are finalizing our 2010 legislative agenda. What irks you? How can we make the roads safer for all road users? What would encourage you to use more active transportation? How can we achieve our goals to reduce all crashes by 50% and increase mode share of active transportation to 50%? The answers to these questions can all form the basis for new legislation.  

Please post your thoughts as comments to this blog posting. We can't promise we will adopt all of your ideas, but we will listen to everyone. 

Once finalized, the 2010 legislative agenda will be posted at www.activetrans.org/legislation

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Complete Streets

Those are good ideas. As far as Complete Streets go, implementation is key. Like LIB, we have been meeting with IDOT about it and where to find those opportunities to implement Complete Streets. Stay tuned! And actually, the next issue of our newsletter will focus on Complete Streets and what steps have to happen after a policy is passed to actually seeing those changes on the ground.



1. Make stop signs yields for bikes like in Idaho.
2. Make residential streets "unmarked, shared routes" so that bikes are intended users of them.
3. Require building managers to allow bikes in their building for tenants and occupants.
4. Fix IDOT's policy on what constitutes a bicycle facility.

Actually, LIB did some good

Actually, LIB did some good work this year checking up on how well agencies followed the spirit of the 2007 Complete Streets law requiring (paraphrasing here...) road construction projects to take pedestrians and bicyclists into account.

As it turns out, IDOT apparently isn't all that interested in following that law. Maybe because those projects had already been designed?

What could ATA lobby for to change that?

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