Please call or write IDOT – doorings are crashes

Fox News Chicago interviewed Active Trans this morning about IDOT's policy of not tracking dooring crashes. Following Monday’s Chicago Tribune article and our blog we are again asking for your support in pushing IDOT to change their policy on dooring crashes.

Please contact IDOT and tell them to count doorings as crashes. Call the Divison of Traffic Safety (217) 782-4972 or write a letter to Division of Traffic Safety, Illinois Department of Transportation, 2300 S. Dirksen Parkway, Springfield, IL 62764.

Email also works for contacting IDOT:

Thank you.


Active Transportation Alliance, Bicycle Advocates Want ‘Dooring’ Tracked:

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Roadway crossings on lake front path

Patrick, I'm afraid you are wrong on both counts, but only because you probably didn't recognize the roadways shown in the video. The footage was shot at one of the North Side street crossings on the lake front path, at which motorists are presented with a stop sign and users of the path with a yield sign. Motorists are required to stop at these crossings, allowing traffic on the path to continue (relatively) unimpeded.

I cycle on the path several times a week during the warmer months. I can assure you that motorists routinely disobey these stop signs when crossing the path, which in the video you see marked with bold, closely spaced white lines to reinforce (to little effect, I might add) the need for increased awareness and compliance with the stop signs.

These crossings in particular become yet more treacherous when irritable motorists contending with long lines of cars full of sunburnt drunks, screaming children, and bickering spouses trying to exit the lake front parking lots on summer weekends become far more concerned with cranking their stereos up and getting their SUVs roaring down the road than with observing the complicated and dense traffic situation around them.

Cyclists beware, as always, but know that the motorists here are required to stop for you.

Confusing Yield Signs on LFT

I have never understood the point of having the yield signs along the LFT at Wilson and Lawrence. The cross traffic has stop signs. The law is that drivers stop for peds in a crosswalk. There are no regular street intersections that have a stop sign for one street and a yield sign for the cross-street.

Exactly when are trail users supposed to yield to cross traffic that has a stop sign?

The yield signs on the

The yield signs on the Lakefront Trail are clearly inappropriate at Wilson and Lawrenece. Active Transportation Alliance has spoken to CDOT about these signs being inappropriate and CDOT has left them up. When these intersections were reconstructed to move the Trail closer to the on/off ramps, the yield signs were installed by CDOT. We pointed out to CDOT that they were wrong then and we have been interviewed on this subject since then and maintain our position.

Thanks, Randy

Call, mail, email IDOT

Used to live down the street actually on Wilson. Didnt recall the signage though; that does clarify it. I didn't think the cars exiting LSD had a stop for the righthand turn, is all I remembered. Several certainly acted that way, as you point out.

Still dangerous. Seems we all agree we've got to look out at the intersection. Stand by my point that it's not the video we want Fox or anyone to air when interviewing any cyclist, nevermind Ethan from Active Trans. Drivers will not know the distinction of this particular intersection. They will just recall bikes blazing, horns blaring, fingers waving, and tempers flaring from the last time they experienced it at, for example, Wilson and Sheridan just off the path.

Anyway, point of the discussion was dooring. Sorry for side track. Thanks for the feedback.

Call, mail, email IDOT!

P.S. I love learning!

... About bike safety. Really do appreciate the feedback!

Motor vehicles must yield to

Motor vehicles must yield to cross walks.

Don't let the cars honking fool you.
Without signage directing cyclists to stop, dismount or w/e, they are under no legal obligation to yield to car traffic.

So when that driver comes speeding through and kills you, your family will be reassured to know the driver was wrong.

I also cringed when I saw

I also cringed when I saw that video. However, that is the Lake Front Path near Wilson or Lawrence - where drivers must stop for all people crossing there on bicycles or on foot. The law is that cyclists must only yield at that location.

But, I agree, unfortunately, it's not going to show that way to the public.

So, 1, not illegal and 2, clearly dangerous. Please, pedal defensively.

wrote/called... but Fox video saddens me

I wrote a letter, and put in a call.

It is troubling to watch the video that Fox showed during Ethan's interview. Of course, its not dooring, but its what they show when they interview a cyclist. Doesnt look like any of the cyclists even attempted to stop, or even break at all when they went from the sidewalk/pathway to the street crossing. I also saw one cyclist cut off a pedestrian in the video - I am 100% positive that is illegal, and dangerous.

I stop.

Without doing an exhaustive search on this, was hoping for feedback on actual policy/law. A cyclist making that connection from two spots on a bike trail, in what for all intensive purposes looks like a crosswalk leading from pedestrian sidewalk across a road... shouldnt they stop? Could even be required to step off the bike and act as a pedestrian to take advantage of pedestrian laws and protections?

Just 1) looks dangerous to simply speed through an intersection like that, and 2) seems illegal.

I could be wrong on 2 above. If not though, can we all help each other out by reminding one another that we have responsibilities and that when Fox news shows about 10 bicyclists doing exactly what cars drivers always complain about - not stopping and following the law - all cyclists are harmed because car drivers are pissed at all of us, not just the people they see breaking the law.

Look, I am vigilant when I ride. I’ve been doored, so I do what Ethan was saying in the interview. I ride safely, and make significant efforts to ride within the law. When others break the law, you hurt my chances of making it home safely the next time I ride. So, please - use better judgment and follow the law. Or, work to advocate law changes, like we've had the benefit of seeing the past few years. That video just depicts very unsafe riding, and I'm fairly certain some illegal cycling.

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