Do you know about Pace WebWatch?

As most of us know, CTA has a very popular Bus Tracker service that provides real-time arrival information for CTA buses. But did you know that Pace had a similar service even before Bus Tracker existed? 

Pace WebWatch (and yes, I think the name needs work) is a web-based service that provides real-time departure information for Pace fixed-route buses. It also provides a map system that displays the exact location of buses.

A text-only version is available, too, making it easier to load on a smartphone. Email notifications are available (text messaging would be better). 

So, in short, you can get real-time bus information anywhere in more than 210 communities throughout northeast Illinois. Enjoy your ride!

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Does anyone know whether

Does anyone know whether Metra has something similar to the Pace WebWatch?

I didn't know this. Thank

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