Congrats Schaumburg

The Village of Schaumburg has been nationally recognized as a preeminent municipal leader in bikeways planning for more than thirty years.

During the 1970s the village adopted a multi-modal approach to transportation planning with the integration of bicycling as one of the key components to create a more livable community. This week, Schaumburg adopted updates to its bikeways plan (last updated in 1999).

The enhancements to the Schaumburg bikeways program will reinforce the commitment by the village and the Schaumburg Park District to being a world-class community for cycling. The Active Transportation Alliance is excited to see the implementation of the plan move ahead.

But you don't need to wait to enjoy cycling in Schaumburg. Did you know that Schaumburg has a bike loaner program? Or that it has an extensive bike education program? Or that it has 80+ miles of existing signed bike routes? Enjoy the great weather outside and enjoy a ride in Schaumburg.

Congratulations Schaumburg!

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It seems like Schaumburg is a

It seems like Schaumburg is a great example of the need to focus on the entire built environment instead of bike paths alone. I just don't see it as a bike friendly place. The roads are too wide, too fast. There aren't enough destinations within short biking distance. I think a place needs to be urban and have the bike infrastructure.

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