A Bike-Friendly CTA Station?

This weekend, I used the Grand Avenue station on the CTA Red Line. As part of the ongoing renovations, CTA has installed a bike ramp stair from the ground level to the mezzanine (see the attached photo).

The ramp is slippery. To test this statement, I poured a large bottle of water on the ramp. That provoked a strange look from a nearby police officer. Luckily the officer couldn't think of any charge with which to cite me. My experiment showed that the ramp is slippery with a little water, and may be more so in rain or snow.

There is only a ramp from the ground level to mezzanine. It is not clear if riders are expected to use the still-to-be-installed elevator to the train level, or use the stairs without a bike ramp.

The CTA also installed a new large security door that is clearly marked as for use by strollers and bicycles. Thanks CTA. On a side note, check out the similar security door at the new (Apple) North/Clybourn station on the Red Line.

What are your thoughts? Are these station changes helpful? What more would you like to see?

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I was at the Grand stop about

I was at the Grand stop about 2 weeks ago and tried the ramp but found it pretty useless. The width of the ramp was too narrow to keep my bike upright and since it's raised higher than the steps you have to awkwardly reach up to support your bike while you walk down the stairs. I might have an atypical bike (29-er mountain bike, big bmx platform pedals) for the city but this was not a helpful addition to the stop.

Shouldn't there be a trough

Shouldn't there be a trough for the bike tires like the one at the Millennium Park Bike Station?

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