Should cyclists pay road taxes?

Rep. Wayne Krieger from Oregon thinks so.

“This is an opportunity for the bicyclists to start contributing to our roads… everybody needs to contribute to what’s there… if there were not bicycles we wouldn’t need bicycle lanes.”

I'm guessing there will be some strong opinions to the contrary here.  Let's hear them!

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I'm of two minds on this: 1.)

I'm of two minds on this:
1.) the wear and tear of roads due to bicycles is likely neglible so if bicyclists were charged proportionately, it would be more nuisance than revenue generator.

2.) if they start charging bicyclists for road maintenance, then they have to, you know, maintain the roads for bicyclists.

A good resource

The League has a good resource for this:

I would also point out, of course, that I live in a household with 6 bicycles and 2 cars. We pay licensing and gas taxes for the cars, and we've paid sales taxes on all of the above.

And, truly, we don't necessarily 'need' bicycle lanes. We need roads that are designed to accommodate multiple modes of transport, be it auto, scooter, bicycle, or pedestrian. Paint to make a bike lane isn't the point.

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