Des Plaines uses donated flashing sign to enhance safety for kids walking to school

To encourage more children to walk to four schools in District 62, the City of Des Plaines installed a solar-powered flashing light at the crosswalk of Fifth Avenue and Algonquin Road. 

Active Trans won the LED light in a raffle from the manufacturer, Carmanah Technologies, and donated it to the City of Des Plaines. Active Trans has been working with the city on walking and biking infrastructure as well as policy and planning initiatives during the past two years.

Des Plaines adopted a school travel plan for all its school locations. Individual maps for each school were developed showing routes that students could walk to school.

Keep up the good work, Des Plaines!

Photo courtesy of the City of Des Plaines. 

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Signs increase safety

Research by the Federal Highway Administration has found that this type of “demand actuated” pedestrian beacon significantly increases safety for all roadway users.

A study released by the Michigan Department of Transportation says that this device is shown to have a 69% reduction in all crashes, and motorist compliance is at or above 95%. You can check out the research. 

More Harm Than Good.

These crossing lights do more harm than good. They train drivers to look for flashing lights instead of people crossing the street.

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