Construction on Humboldt Park "road diet" begins

A few months ago, 26th Ward Ald. Maldonado and the Humboldt Park Advisory council hosted a public meeting at the Humboldt Park Boathouse to solicit input on a traffic calming safety plan for the park.

The plan is being put together by Sam Schwartz Engineering with plenty of community input and involvement. The meeting was well attended. Whether it was a pedestrian, bicyclist or motorist, everyone agreed that something needed to be done to make access to the park safer and more convenient.

We are happy to see that construction has started on a project to reduce the speed of car traffic through the park and make it easier for pedestrians, cyclists and even motorists to access the park more safely.

Ald. Maldonado has been a strong advocate for slowing down traffic near the park, and has allocated menu funds to complete a “road diet” this summer.

The project includes reducing the number of lanes of traffic from four to three; one southbound, one northbound and a center turn lane. The changes will also include new pedestrian crosswalks along with median planters and some pedestrian refuge areas. Read more about the public meeting in May.

Also, here's more background on the Humboldt Park project and a nifty video that offers a good overview of road diets.

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Keep pushing

Aaron, it's on our radar and we're working on it. There are two big plans/projects that could affect whether or not bike lanes go in on Humboldt: Park Zone Access Plan and Streets for Cycling Plan. Both of these are being developed at CDOT and Chicago Park District and we're pushing for it too. If lanes don't happen in this road diet, we'll still be pushing for it through other efforts with our ultimate goal of creating a network that offers connections to destinations.

I hope Active Trans keeps

I hope Active Trans keeps pushing Ald. Maldonado to consider installing a (protected?) bike lane here. That would be a great way to make the road diet permanent, while making it easier for people to get through the park on bikes.

I know he's said in the past that this street is "too dangerous" for bikes, but the combination of fewer lanes of traffic and a protected bike lane should greatly improve safety.

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