Breaking ground on the Bloomingdale Trail

On Tuesday, August 27, after a decade of community organizing and input, the Friends of the Bloomingdale Trail and community stakeholders joined Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and representatives from the City of Chicago, the Chicago Park District, and The Trust for Public Land at the Milwaukee/Leavitt access park to celebrate the start of construction on the Bloomingdale Trail.

Initially conceived out of the need for more green space in Logan Square, the trail is now much more than a rails-to-trail project. The 606 is a 2.7-mile elevated linear park and trail that will support active lifestyles for people of all ages and abilities.

Once complete, it will connect many thousands of people from four neighborhoods (Logan Square, Humboldt Park, Bucktown and Wicker Park) through an alternative transportation corridor for walking, running and biking.

It’s always impressive what can be achieved through consistent local organizing and advocacy. Congratulations to all the local advocates and leaders for making this amazing project happen. It will beautify our city, but more importantly, it will make active lifestyles more accessible to local Chicagoans.

We can’t wait for The 606 opening day during the fall of 2014. What’s the next Chicago neighborhood transformation we’re eager to see? The new ERA Trail in Englewood? Let’s make it happen!

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i cam stand you former bikers... you drive your car any way you want and bitch about bikes,,,,, Cars are causing injurys and death. but you you want to bitch about bikes,

I am wondering if any biking

I am wondering if any biking organizations take into account the number of bicyclists who completely disregard the law every single day. They don't stop at stop signs, they don't stop at red lights, they don't care about pedestrians. Here's the story of my morning today:

I left my place on foot and walked to a stop sign/crosswalk at the corner of my block. A man on a bike went sailing through the intersection without so much as a tap of the brakes, nearly hitting me. I said to him, "YOU HAVE A STOP SIGN." Know what the response was? "Yeah, great, thanks." Very sarcastic. I yelled after him, "Thanks for breaking the law!" This was no spandexed messenger. It was an average guy, on an average bike. WTF??? Really? What is with the attitude? This happens ALL THE TIME where I live, in the South Loop of Chicago. Then, I got up to another corner and a woman on a bike came flying down the SIDEWALK, very nearly hitting me. Seriously. I didn't say anything because by that point I was breathless with fury and shock. I plan to find every biker's group on Facebook and write about this. I also plan to Tweet about it. I'm f-ing sick of this and I want someone to answer for it. I know how to safely ride a bike but I don't anymore because of riders like this. Yes, some drivers are completely irresponsible but in my experience, the attitude, the recklessness and the sense of entitlement of bicyclists in this city and everywhere is unreal. I just can't feel sorry for a group of people who aren't licensed, don't have to register their vehicles, aren't required to answer for breaking the law, and then get hurt riding on roads that were never meant for them and on which they do not obey the posted laws for car drivers. I don't know why this woman expects a licensed driver or a car passenger to pay for her baby's injuries. Maybe she shouldn't have been riding a bike while pregnant. It's dangerous for all of us out there but if bicyclists would actually share some of the responsibility then maybe they wouldn't get hurt so often.

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