Presentations and demos

2010 swap (photo by Steve Vance)

We will have a comprehensive demo area where attendees can try out bike trailers, cargo bikes, adaptive cycles and Dutch bikes.

Plus a full slate of great presentations:

11 a.m.
Dress and Gear for the Cold Season Cyclist
Presenters: Julie Hochstadter, Lowell Nelson, Bike Winter Co-Chairs
Description: Julie and Lowell will present options and discuss techniques for successful riding through the winter cycling season.

11:45 a.m.
Chicago Velo Campus
Presenters: John Vande Velde (former U.S. Olympic cyclist), Randy Warren, Community Advocate (Cycling Coach and Program Specialist); Michael Quintos (Vice President Public Relations); Emanuele Bianchi, President
Description: An exclusive sneak peak of the exciting plans for the Chicago Velo Campus, a new south side bicycle community center to include the world's best velodrome. A 15-minute slide presentation and video will lay out the project from start to end.

12:30 p.m.
The Racketeers
Performers: Andrea Bolks, Karlene Hanko, Katie Paffhouse, Kellie Walters, Laura Oliver, Monica Mejia, Shar Finley
Special Guest: Cameron Puetz
Description: The Racketeers are an all-girl bike collective experimenting with BMX bikes and dance. Exploring the world of choreography, music, bikes, tires, wheels, and tricks with endless possibilities.

1:15 p.m.
Living Car Free (and Car Light) with Children
Presenter: Local parents experienced with transporting children of a variety of ages, along the continuum of being totally car free to having cars, but not using them for all trips.
Description: Having kids does not mean you have to trade your bike in for a car. Local families share tips on raising transvelopedes, ie children who know how to get around by transit, biking and walking. Tricky issues such as keeping your cool while having to layer both you and your child for winter excursions will be addressed.

2:00 p.m.
Urban Bicycle Design: Student Projects
Facilitator: Carl Boyd
Description: The Columbia College Chicago Urban Bike Project is an annual student project exploring design solutions to improve urban cycling. Instructor Carl Boyd will present some of the work done in the 4 years of the project, and discuss the mission and impact it hopes to generate.

2:45 p.m.
Bicycle Choice and Maintenance for the Cold Season Cyclist
Presenters: Lauren Sailor, Martin Hazard, Bike Winter Co-Chairs Emeritus
Description: Lauren and Martin will discuss bicycle choice and present tips for how to keep your bicycle happy through the winter cycling season.

3:30 p.m.
Freedom and Mobility through Adaptive Cycling
Presenter: Hal Honeyman
Description: Hal Honeyman of The Bike Rack/Creative Mobility presents equipment and anecdotes from his years of experience helping children and adults with disabilities enjoy the pursuit of cycling. Adaptive cycling provides people with disabilities a form of recreation, physical fitness and independent mobility. Hal will also help participants in assessing the type of bikes needed for each rider and some of the modifications that are available, as well as demonstrate the Versatrike.


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